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The Triad Hack Series

Scroll down for more TRIAD HACKS!Want to level up your proficiency across the fretboardHave you ever been in the situation that you got handed a lead sheet and were expected to just make up a bass part? All you have are the chord symbols. Of course, you can always get...

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The Binary Code Of Music

How To Hack The Binary Code Of Music?Do you ever catch yourself playing the same old licks and patterns again and again? Does sheet music containing 16th note patterns look scary to you?Well, it doesn't have to be this way!The Secret SauceIn “The Binary Code Of Music”...

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Flow Hacking Series

Scroll down for more FLOW HACKS!How to learn anything fasterHave you ever been frustrated because you have that feeling of not progressing fast enough. In the beginning you often advance fairly quickly. But once we have a basic grasp on the skill, we often feel stuck....

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The Bass Solo StruggleWe all know the jokes about how everyone starts talking or goes to the bar, when the bassist takes a solo. And sadly, for the most part these accusations are justified. The bass is not an easy instrument to play solos. On one hand its low...

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The 3 Octave Major Arpeggio Hack

How to play arpeggios efficiently over three octaves? Arpeggios are great vocabulary to have for extreme metal and jazz. Not that they're not of use in other genres, but these two use them to quite an extent. If you don't own a five or six string bass, you might have...

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Do Your Quarter Notes Swing?

Can You Play Quarter Notes With A Swing Feel? Although this might seem counterintuitive, there is a difference between swinging quarter notes and straight quarter notes. Generally speaking there is not much to playing a walking bassline, right? You learn your...

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Why You Don’t Follow Through

Why You Don't Follow ThroughDid you ever listen to a piece of music that knocked your sox off? Something so inspiring that you were willing to do anything to learn how to do it yourself? But then once you started and realized how much work you'd have to put it,...

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Bass Chords That Work

The Bass Chord StruggleHave you ever been frustrated by the fact, that chords generally sound muddy as h*%& on bass? It's not easy creating a chord texture for a soloist or singer to jam over when playing more than two notes at the same time, right? The...

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The Augmented Triad Hack

The key for unlocking the augmented triad was a side effect of checking out chromatic approaches. Once I understood the concept of voice leading, I had no problem making the augmented triad sound deliberate and melodic. 
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Music is a mission not a competition

Music is a mission not a competition Competition can be a good thing. It makes us give it all and walk that extra mile. Without competition evolution would not have occurred in the same way or at all. So it's pretty save to say competition is a natural thing....

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I Was Tricked Into Playing Bass!

Strictly Bass Blog #01 - I Was Tricked Into Playing Bass! With 15 my plan was not to become a neo soul solo bass player. I wanted to be the next Kurt Cobain. The first two kids I met who were also interested in music were two brothers. One of them played guitar and...

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