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Music comes from the heart, so in my method fun is paramount. Because, if you enjoy what you do, your learning progress can accelerate up to 200%. Via the intensive personalized support you achieve comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge all around the bass and beyond. The ultimate goal though, is to make you a better learner and a teacher to yourself. I want you to become independent from your mentors (including myself). If you can figure it out on your own, than all that’s left to do for your guide is to inspire and motivate you.



Private Lessons

I offer private lessons at the MM Studio or at a place of your choice, that meets the requirements. I’ll teach you everything you need to know from the rudimentary basics to preparing you for music college and the real purpose of making music: Playing together with other musicians!

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Skype Lessons

You live in another country? No problem! Because, you can also take lessons via Skype. I’ll be waiting for your call at the MM Studio with all the tools and resources available, that you would have in a private lesson in my space.



Do Your Quarter Notes Swing?

Can You Play Quarter Notes With A Swing Feel? Although this might seem counterintuitive, there is a difference between swinging quarter notes and straight quarter notes. Generally speaking there is not much to playing a walking bassline, right? You learn your...

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Why You Don’t Follow Through

Why You Don't Follow ThroughDid you ever listen to a piece of music that knocked your sox off? Something so inspiring that you were willing to do anything to learn how to do it yourself? But then once you started and realized how much work you'd have to put it,...

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Bass Chords That Work

The Bass Chord StruggleHave you ever been frustrated by the fact, that chords generally sound muddy as h*%& on bass? It's not easy creating a chord texture for a soloist or singer to jam over when playing more than two notes at the same time, right? The...

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