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Abundance vs. Scarcity Mindset

Living in a world of abundanceLiving in the first world means living in abundance. We don't need to walk 50 km to the next source of fresh water. We don't have to hunt wild animals and hope that we will get lucky, so our tribe will get fed that day. Today, we have...

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Are you a bass player at heart?

Why the world needs more bass players"The world needs more than just good musicians. We need good people." - Mama WootenThat's what one of the most influential bass player's mother told her son. Today, I'm going to challenge this saying a little bit by dissecting the...

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Music is a mission not a competition

Music is a mission not a competition Competition can be a good thing. It makes us give it all and walk that extra mile. Without competition evolution would not have occurred in the same way or at all. So it's pretty save to say competition is a natural thing....

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I Was Tricked Into Playing Bass!

Strictly Bass Blog #01 - I Was Tricked Into Playing Bass! With 15 my plan was not to become a neo soul solo bass player. I wanted to be the next Kurt Cobain. The first two kids I met who were also interested in music were two brothers. One of them played guitar and...

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