The Bass Chord Struggle

Have you ever been frustrated by the fact, that chords generally sound muddy as h*%& on bass? It's not easy creating a chord texture for a soloist or singer to jam over when playing more than two notes at the same time, right? 

The Secret Sauce

But fear not. There is a very easy trick we can use to the 3 String Shapes that we learnt in the "TRIAD HACK SERIES" to beautiful, open sounding chords.

I stole this trick from pianists. The do this thing called spread voicings. they take a normal triad (root, third, fifth) and transpose the middle note up an octave. For pianists this is just a starting point. For us bassists it's a great way to take over the role of the chordal instruments and offer a different texture in a solo, duo or trio setting.

In "Bass Chords That Work" I'll show you how to apply this concept to major, minor and diminished triads. In total that's 9 chord shapes that will enable you to play any chord progression without sounding muddy. You can use these shapes either to accompany a soloist in a trio setting, a singer in a duo setting or record a loop for yourself to solo over. Bass chords to the max!

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In this video you'll learn:
- How to adapt the spread voicing concept for bass
- The the major, minor and diminished triads as spread voicings
- The root position, 1st and 2nd inversion of each of these chords.

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Intro song: Reborn Again
Middle song: Open Path
End song: Walk

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