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Using only a loop station, his custom build instrument, and an array of unique techniques, Mischa makes you forget that you are “only” listening to bass.


The Latest Pogressive Ambient Solo Bass Album Now Available!

I enjoyed the album very much.  Nice hearing a fellow bassist touching hearts.  Loved everything about it.  Keep shining!  You inspire me to keep practicing.  Thank you very much.

Elexander Fitzgerald Jr.


“Open Path” (title track of the debut album)

Life is an Open Path. You and only you get to decide where you want to go. On your way, you might be distracted and influenced by others. It might lead you to believe that you are on the wrong path. But if you honestly think about what you want out of this life, you will know which path to walk. Sometimes, circumstances seem to rob us of making the right choice or having a choice in the first place.

My composition “Open Path” is supposed to be a reminder to keeping the path to our dream destination open. Find your Open Path, enjoy the ride and let nobody throw you off it!

“Walk” (the song that started it all)

The first fragment of “Walk” developed out of an exercise I had made up when practicing triad inversions. All of a sudden there was this stream of ideas. One thing let to another and after a couple of hours I had written a song that incorporated almost all of the techniques I had accquired over the years. I had no idea that this was going to become my personal project of passion. But I sure had a hell of a time writing this song. Admittedly, there was some fine tuning after the fact. But the essence of the first Strictly Bass song was created that day.

“Hey Hey My My” (Neil Young cover)

I recorded this song for a close friend who passed away untimely. Ironically, he already had mentioned that he wanted this song to be played at his funeral. Almost as if he had known. It is my way of saying goodbye. I hope this version of the song resonates with you and makes you realize that the time we have her is limited. If you have big dreams, don’t wait to put them into action. Start working towards them today!

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02.11.2019  Bremen (Germany) – Gerhard Marcks Museum