About …

Strictly Bass is the solo (bass) project of the German neo soul bassist Mischa Marcks

About …

Located in the cultural melting pot Cologne, Germany Strictly Bass the solo project of crossover-jazz solo bassist Mischa Marcks has spread over the globe. Fans describe the music as “Victor Wooten meets Johan Sebastian Bach“

In a sea of instrumental jazz acts, Strictly Bass stands out not only with it’s diversified and always catchy compositions, but also by the minimalistic instrumentation (electric bass and loop station only).

The release of the debut EP in 2012 led to various collaborations and jam sessions with musicians like Etienne Mbappe, Dominique Di Piazza, Phil Chen, Regi Wooten and Wolfgang Schmid, as well as two featured videos on one of Youtube’s biggest bass channels Basstheworld.com. The music video for the Strictly Bass single “Walk“ was published in 2015.

The new Strictly Bass album is going to come out in October 2018. The title “Open Path“ relates to a certain perspective on life. Some people say the glass is half empty, some say it’s half full. “Open Path” is translating this idea to a bigger picture. You can pick your own path. The way you see and experience the world is up to you. Life is an Open Path!